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Miles Turner was visiting a female friend in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood in South Side of Chicago on the warm Saturday evening of October 13, 2012, when he ran into his cousin, Modell McCambry. Turner grew up with McCambry but later drift apart when McCambry embraced the street life. They were both at the gathering when a gun man approached and open fire. Turner tried to protect his smaller cousin, he sustained 5 shots to the back, while McCambry was shot twice in the chest and died on his way to the hospital. Miles was rushed to the hospital, undergone 4 operations , stayed in a medical induced coma for a month, but one of the injury sustained on his spinal left him paralyzed waist down.

May 3rd, 2013, was the day when Turner was discharged from the rehabilitation Institute, the first time he’s getting a hair cut in 7 months. That night was also the prom night of Leo high School, where at the time he was a senior, and before the incident as a offensive lineman on the football team. He got rid of the signature dreadlocks he had sported for more than four years and left the neighborhood barbershop with cropped hair.

With the help of his father, Turner dressed in all white, wearing the shiny class ring.
He didn’t take a date to the prom because the girl he wanted to go with-the same girl he was visiting when he was shot-couldn't make it into the city because of college.
His classmates gathered around Turner, shook his hand and patted him on the back when he arrived at the ballroom.
Turner graduated in June
After that, he said wants to go to college and study to become a video game designer.
“I’m still here,” Turner said. “I’m still living and pushing.”