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Rajon Rondo of the Bulls looks at the first half TV highlights in the tunnel of during half time. This was during a period of time when he was removed from the starting point guard role by head coach Fred Hoiberg for poor play. He went on to play 6 mins in that night's game and recorded scored 0 points, 4 assists, and 1 steal.

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Bulls mascot Benny the Bulls is widely considered as the most best mascot of any team in sports.

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Players from both Warriors and Bucks form a prayer circle after the Bucks handed the Warriors a big upset.

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Bulls mascot "Benny the Bull" is widely considered as the best mascot of any team in all sports. You rarely find him stationary, but here is frame of him having a moment, praying or whatever, right before running out with the Bulls players onto the court for pre-game warm ups.

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