Ting Shen

Visual Journalist

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Ting Shen is a visual journalist based in Washington, D.C. Born to a small family in Taiwan, he came to the United States at an early age with his parents. This experience established his strong emotional attachment to American culture. At the same time, growing up in a Chinese family with traditional Chinese values gave him a parallel cultural understanding and a unique perspective of the conflict of cultures.

With influence from American contemporary painter Edward Hopper and photographer Robert Frank, he is fascinated with the beauty of the rural parts of North America, the scene of remnants from the great westward expansion, and the true sprit of the American Dream.

Beside his everyday photojournalism work freelancing for Xinhua New Agency of China and other international agencies, internships with the Dallas Morning News, Peoria Journal Star and the Chicago Sun-Times, his personal work focuses on documenting lives and the scenes of small town America.
He's graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Bachelors of Art-Photojournalism.
Ting is a team Pulitzer Prize finalist with the Dallas Morning News, also an alumni of Eddie Adams Workshop XXVI. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. accepting freelance assignments.

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photos by Kent Nishimura and Joel Lerner